Students’ Feedback On Intro To CAT Tools Course At Middlebury Institute Of International Studies At Monterey

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A picture with students

1. PROFESSOR ASSESSMENT – Professor Olga Melnikova (Computer Assisted Translation)- Indicate with an “X” how much you agree with the statement: “The instructor’s teaching in this course was effective.”

1 2 3 4 5
Strongly disagree 2 7 15 Strongly agree

2. Unofficial Feedback From Students

Dear Prof. Melnikova,

I am writing this email to express my gratitude for the course you offered this semester. I wanted to say “Thank You” in person after Friday’s ceremony and take a picture with you but you left early lol. Anyway, I very much appreciate the hard work you have put into this course. I used to hate any courses that were based on computers. But your course was totally different – interesting and easy to follow. Your lectures on localization were very interesting and rewarding, giving me an overview of translation industry and helping solve many of my questions about my career development. It is really nice to meet you here in Monterey. Thank you for everything you have done. May happiness be with you each day!

Hi Prof. Melnikova,

You are so sweet. You in-class instructions are so clear and you adapt to every student’s pace. I believe each of us has a good command of CATools.

You are our teacher, but are more like our friend. I saw your presence at many MIIS students’ activities, which shows your deep love and devotion to MIIS life and also inspires me a lot. Hope to see you again in the future. Keep in touch. Happy holidays!

3. Official Feedback From Each Student

1) Professor Melnikova’s classes were closely related to the trend of the language industry. She taught us how to use translation memories and term bases. That was very helpful.

2) Learning about CAT tools is in itself an interesting experience. I have never encountered this subject before and finds it very interesting and helpful. Prof. Olga prepared a lot useful materials for us to practice. Her lecture and explanation is very clear and easy to follow.

3) Prof. Melnikova is beautiful and humorous, and she is very patient to teach us how to use the tools. Through repeated practices, I am now familiar with them, I like her course.

4) The most interesting aspect was that Professor used vivid language to explain seemingly boring concepts. For example, once she showed a picture of a cat to make fun of CAT (Computer Assisted Translation). In addition, she also provided us with some information of Localization, which interested me a lot. The most effective point of her teaching was that she displayed every step that we need to do on the screen in class, and even made a video for us to review after class. It was quite easy to follow her.

5) Professor Olga Melnikova has a very sweet personality. She is always trying to teach us as in detail as possible and make sure that nobody fells behind. She gives thorough instructions on Canvas, and she records videos for us as reference off class.

6) Professor Olga is very professional, considerate and patient. She always demonstrates how to use these CAT tools by herself first of all, so we can follow her instructions in the classes. Then, she prepares PPT and video for us. The most interesting aspect of the classes is her introduction about localization management. The most effective point is that I have learnt how to use CAT tools.

7) The most interesting aspect of Professor Olga Melnikova’s classes was Localization Industry. And the most effective point of her teaching was how to use CAT tools. She taught us to use several kinds of important Computer Aided Translation tools including Trados, MemoQ, Memosource, etc. which helped us improve the efficiency of our translation.

8) She is good, but I do not know why I cannot listen to her heart and soul. Maybe because I sit too back, sometimes I cannot hear her clearly.

9) Many practices in class are good for us to master CAT tools. Professor Olga also gave us step-by-step instructions so that we had no trouble learning how to work with complex software.

10) Localization. She gave us a lot of vivid examples.

11) This course provided me with a short cut to dealing with translation tasks easily. Professor Olga Melnikova was very patient in showing the operation for twice.

12) Prof. Melnikova was very patient in guiding me from a person ignorant of CAT tools to someone feeling comfortable using any CAT tool.

13) Prof. Olga Melnikova taught us how to use CAT tools. What I found is that CAT tools indeed can reduce workload and are very convenient. For a slow learner, Prof. Melnikova is very patient.

14) She is patient. She made videos for each class. I really learned all the useful things there are about CAT.

15) The most fun part of the class is the lecture on the working process in the translation business. It provided me with a general idea what CAT and technology developments meant for a translator. The class taught us about general rules for most of the popular CAT software of the time. Now I could explore them in my future work on my own.

16) I think CAT Tools classes are very useful.

17) The most interesting aspect is her introduction on localization and different CAT tools. She was amicable and always willing to help in class when we encountered some technical problems.

18) I love this course because it gave me chances to learn something new. And there is always something new in every class! I like how the professor listened to our voice by conducting surveys, as well as her efforts in making all those videos. It really helped! I like learning to use CAT tools. If possible, I might use them as well in my future career. So it would be a good start!

19) The most interesting aspect is her introduction on different CAT tools. She was patient, nice and helpful and always made sure nobody was left behind.

20) Introduction on translation business and how her company operated were the most interesting aspect. The most effective point was her repetition on the procedures of using the software.

21) Doing homework in class, Step by step instructions.

22) A new field of knowledge. Interesting!

23) I just don’t think it takes a course to learn some simple CAT tools like Memsource and Trados. I already learned how to use them in China. Even if I hadn’t, I could have just looked for online tutoring. However, I have no problem with the professor, who has always been nice and patient.

24) The most interesting part: she has introduced to us many CAT tools. The most effective point: she teaches us how to operate different tools step by step.

25) It was very interesting to learn about what translation and localization companies do and what the profession is generally like. She effectively demonstrated how to use various computer-assisted translation tools in great detail.


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