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Май 20, 2015

(English) Olga Is Amateur Winner Of LocJAM2 Contest

Извините, этот техт доступен только в “Американский Английский”.

Май 14, 2015

Knax Shop Website Localization

SLIDES The first project I worked on was the KNAX Shop Website Localization. KNAX Shop is an online business held by a Dane Jacob Nielsen who sells innovative Danish-designed wall...

Май 14, 2015

SLIDES We created a website for a French – Russian association called France – Russia – CIS – Ivry-sur-Seine. It is in three languages: French, Russian and English.

Май 14, 2015

Future Actually Charity Fund

SLIDES I have completed a project for the Future Actually Charity Fund. It included TM and Glossary Creation, CAT Tool Implementation, as well as an MT Engine Training.

Май 14, 2015

Endangered Languages Project


Апрель 19, 2015

On Machine Translation — Have No Fear!

  From The number of translation requests Google Translate gets per day corresponds to 1 billion books per day. Sveta Kelman, Google Translate Program Manager We have 35 people...

Апрель 18, 2015

Machine Translation as Applicable to Russian Companies

Machine Translation (MT) as Applicable to Russian Companies

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